Here are the rules which must be obeyed at every Southern NSW Team Sorting (Inc.) event.  We thank you for your cooperation. 

1.       Abuse of cattle or horse will be cause for disqualification, excessive speed used on cattle will not be tolerated. 

2.       Use of foul language while in arena will be cause for disqualification.

3.       Hat, helmet or caps to be worn, shirt with cuff and collar (no tank tops, polar shirts or short sleeves)

4.       No Whips, Crops, Draw Reins, or Fixed Head Checks in the arena or any contact with the beast.

5.       No consumption of alcohol by competitors while competing or on horse back.

6.       Limit of 3 goes per person, changing partners every time.

8.       Judge will draw a number & the team will have 5 seconds to cross the line, then clock will start

9.       There will be 10 cattle at the end of the arena marked with numbers from 0 to 9.

10.       Starting number for each team will be drawn when the team is in the arena.

11.       You are to start with the starting number & continue in numerical order for example- if you are drawn number 6, you first must sort number 6 then 7,8,9,0,1,2,3,4,5.

12.   Cattle are considered sorted when the beast fully crosses the gate.

13.   If any cattle cross the gate out of sequence, the team will be judged no time.

14.   If cattle already sorted come back over the gate, the team will be judged no time.

15.   Teams will have a time limit of 2 minutes, with a warning whistle at 90 seconds.

16.   Time will stop when the 10th beast stops the clock when it fully crosses the line, or 1 or both team members raises their hand & calls for time.

17.   Both riders must stop working cattle to call time and cattle must not be running towards gate when calling time.

18.   Horses must not break the line of the gate after the last beast has crossed, or it will be judged no time.

19.   Spotting cattle or fanning cattle from outside the arena for a team will be course for disqualification.

20.   Riders under 18 are not to ride or handle stallions.

21.   Competitors under 18 must wear a helmet whilst mounted.

22.   Juniors: Junior riders are only aloud to ride in one event, open or juniors, not both. Juniors must be capable riding unassisted in the arena (NO LEAD). A junior rider is classed as 16 and under

23.   Fill-in Riders: The committee or judge will nominate who fill in riders will be on the day.

24.   Fill-in Riders: will only be allowed to fill in once a day.

25.   Riders or Teams that pull out on the day or week prior to the event will not be refunded, unless they have a vets or doctors certificate.

26.   Any bullying towards judge or officials may be cause for disqualification.

27.   When a team is called 3 times and they are not at the gate on the third call, they will miss that run.

28.   Queries or Complaints: Riders are to go to the disputes committee with complaints or queries and are not permitted to approach judge or timekeeper on truck.

29. Judges decision is final, Judge may call on members dispute committee if required.

30. Changes or amendment to these Rules & Regulations to be given to members of the Southern NSW Team Sorting Inc. 1 month before AGM.

31. It is a teams responsibility - no waiver signed before entering the arena your team will have the run disqualified.