Here you'll find all the latest scores, information on upcoming events, and of course the results and photos from previous events.
What is Team Sorting?
Team Sorting is a great horse and cattle sport featuring fun fast-paced action in a friendly and competitive environment. Teams can be made up of family, friends or new people that you get the opportunity to meet at the event. Each round promises to be filled with excitement and good humour.
Team Sorting is an entertaining spectator sport and fun for the whole family. Many great friendships have been made from meeting people at these events.
Beginners and experts - young and old - are welcome to test their horse's skills at Team Sorting events.

Working in teams of two riders, the aim is to sort 10 head of cattle in numeric sequence, in the shortest time, while keeping the cut cattle in the opposite end of the arena, and unwanted cattle from crossing the foul line. Prize money is usually paid for the highest scoring teams, based on the fastest qualifying times in each round. Bring your team or come individually to join up with other riders.  
Team Sorting is good training & exercise for you & your horse. This popular sport will improve your horse's performance, cattle sense & overall well-being. You too will be challenged to read the cattle, cut-out your number, and keep the herd under control.
A special feature of the day are the Juniors events where we see children coming together in teams under adult supervision and just having a lot of fun. Special prizes are awarded to the highest scoring junior teams.

The aim of this sport is to have good fun and improve your horse skills in a safe and friendly family environment.

Strict rules apply to ensure that horses and cattle are treated with respect. 

An invitation to the sorting finals, which will commence the first weekend in November, will be sent out in September to those who qualify.